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Harmonizing Your Systems: Seamless Integration for Efficiency

Digital Transformation:

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Why adtech

As the number of devices connected to the web are geometrically growing and expected to reach 75 billion in 2025, most businesses are eager to ride the wave of digitalization. As businesses are more dependent on Information systems, and racing to implement digital transformation, we aim to help them with their transformation through our methodology of adopting, integrating and customizing up-to-date technology to directly address the individual needs and expectations of our clients, in order to provide them with the best possible solutions.

  • Avid support from our clients by ranking adtech as one of the premiere Network solutions providers in the Jordan and the region.
  • Well-earned great reputation, backed-up by a proven track record in excess of 18 years, and a huge customer base in Jordan and the region.
  • Excel and take pride as pioneers in implementing the latest technologies and solutions available.
  • Specialized in providing you with optimized solutions to help you maximize your business' revenue.
Meet adtech

adtech is a systems integrator and services provider firm which consults & designs, implements & supports, and supplies & outsources 3-tier advanced infrastructure technologies in the fields of routing/switching, wireless, security solutions, unified communication, structured cabling, low current and data center solutions, with Trusted support, Honesty Agility, Expert Delivery to ensure the highest standards of Customer care and satisfaction. All these values are embedded in our Logo. Our name, logo and embedded values are what sets us apart from the competition.
They are the reason behind our enduring success and continued customer trust.


  • Switches Attached in many industries across Jordan
  • Wireless Access Points installed
  • MDM solutions for electricity meters and endpoint
  • Support visits per year
  • Routers installed across Jordan


We provide our clients with:

We deliver a full range of outsourced services to our clients in order to help them address their digital transformation on the macro-level, by resolving their micro-level IT complexities and challenges. We provide services and installation, ongoing support and complete end-to-end solutions that are fully tailored to the business’ needs. Empowered by being certified partners on global hardware and software solution from Juniper, HP, Cisco, McAfee, Aruba and others. We are adamant of remaining up-to-date in training, education, knowledge, support materials on the latest technologies and trends through a team of business development managers, thus able to take on new challenges and provide the best possible outcome and ROI to clients.

We offer our staff to operate several functions such as operators in control rooms, IT engineers, project engineers, maintenance staff etc., through monthly or yearly contracts. Our outsourced services are designed to be flexible and cost-effective. We provide fixed monthly payments, limited only to the resources used, so you always know what to expect.

We focus on providing expert, practical and cost-effective IT infrastructure, network, unified communication (telephony, wireless, video), data center, security, Smart & AI solutions, and IP converged technology implementations with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness to our clients. We acknowledge that information/data is your most valuable asset and therefore, system maintenance and support are essential to ensure that your system functions properly without any hardware or software failure. We are committed to offer you state-of-the-art support 24/7/365 to address your issues, empowered by our customer support team. Our dedicated implementation and support teams have the ability to provide on-site  training on site and propose fixes and make adjustments to increase efficiency of the systems installed, in addition to providing and delivering site documentations such as blueprints, infrastructure plans, method statements, thus allowing the client’s system to be upgraded and/or serviced with minimal interruptions.

We are dedicated to offer you state-of-the-art support 24/7/365 to address your issues, empowered by our customer support team working effortlessly to ensure quick resolutions of problems and to guarantee a positive customer experience. We are flexible in offering customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) catering to customer specific demand and accommodating critical environments.

We are dedicated to offering consulting services in the fields of IT infrastructure, network, unified communication (telephony, wireless, video), data center, security, Smart & AI solutions, as well as IP converged technology solutions.

Our methodology is simple; we listen to your business goals and objectives, assess your current solutions, architect solutions and come up with options to address your needs by integrating people, procedures, your existing solutions and technology to provide in-depth and cost-effective countermeasures which will translate to a positive return on investment.

Our objective is to assist organizations’ digital transformation to enhance both their productivity and profitability. This transformation is best accomplished through proper, effective and efficient utilization of state-of-the-art technology, provided by our global partners, and customized by us to meet your individual needs and expectations. Our aim is to help businesses improve their business processes, reduce their costs and maximize their ability to conquer new technology and business opportunities.

We are a certified partner for many major companies around the worlds well-known for their hardware and software

In order to assist our clients in addressing their business challenges, while providing them with exceptional customer experience, adtech’s managed IT professional services were flexibly designed to accomplish such a feat. We provide our clients with the needed support in the consulting, planning, designing, implementation, and operating phases of a project. Our team works hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that all our implementations are successful and tailored to meet individuated client needs and expectations. Furthermore, our team also provides basic & professional training and operational tips during implementation in order to ensure that your systems will continue to operate successfully. 

Bussines Process

Our consultancy methodology is based on and driven by global projects consultation standards, thus ensuring the highest standards of delivery and professionalism to our clients.


The evolution of adtech in lines


Started in 2004 as a network solutions vendor and ended up into a full-fledged smart technology system integrator firm


We are proud of the solid foundation we have built enabling us to expand in all directions. We have come a long way, and want more



We are excited about what the next decade will bring and invite you to be part of this journey, be it as a customer, partner, employee or contributor!