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Service Providers (SP) solutions

Through our global leader partners, we specialize in offering high-performance Service Provider (SP)
solutions which are scalable, speedy and flexible. Chief among which are:

  • SP Routers/Switches

    Core/Edge Routers
    Core/Edge Switches

  • Passive Optical Networks


  • Visibility/Monitoring  Solutions

    Packet Brokers
    Traffic/Performance Monitoring
    Security/Forensic Analyses

Routing & Switching solutions

Through our global leader partners, we offer our clients across the regions with top-notch, state-of-the-art, scalable
speedy and flexible routing and switching solutions (R/S). Chief among which are:

  • Network Routers

    Core/Edge Routers
    Broadband Routers

  • Network Switches

    Core/Edge Switches
    Fabric/SAN Switches

  • Application Delivery

    Local , Server , Global , Site

Wireless solutions

Through our global leader partners, we provide innovative, high-performance, high-access, and mobile wireless
solutions to our clients in Jordan and the region. Chief among which are:

  • Wireless Controllers

    Large & Medium controllers
     Mobility and Cloud Services

  • Wireless Access Points


  • Wireless Management

    Traffic / Visibility
    Location / Heatmaps

cyber security

Through our global leader partners, we provide customized E2E intelligent network security solutions, to address the specific security concerns of our clients in Jordan and the region. Chief among which are:

  • Network Firewalls


    Web Applications

    Unified Thread Management (UTM)


  • Email & Web Security

    Spam Firewall

    Web Security Gateway

    Malware Protection

  • Application Security

    Application Delivery Controllers

    Database Security

    DDoS Protection

Unified Communications solutions

In our attempt to pave the way for our clients to digitally transform their businesses, we adhere to the fact that communication is king, and as a result must integrate it in all walks of life. The way we do it, is by offering our clients partners’ empowered collaboration, voice and video unified communications solutions. Chief among which are:

  • IP Telephony

    IP PBX

    IP Phones

    Collaboration and Mobility Applications

    IVR and Call Recording applications

  • Video Conferencing

    P2P/P2MultiP VC

    HD Cams with Displays

    Voice Conferencing

  • Contact Center

    Inbound Call Centers

    Outbound Telemarketing

    Quality Management

    Call Costing and Recording

Data Center solutions

In our attempt to pave the way for our clients to digitally transform their businesses, the design, implementation, support and management of optimal and turnkey data center solutions is a must. Chief among our data center services are:

  • Data Center Consulting

    Business Continuity Planning

    Disaster Recovery

    Capacity Planning

  • Data Center Engineering

    Site Selection


    Plan & Design

    Implementation, Testing, & commissioning

  • Data Center Maintenance

    Data Center Systems Service Plan

    Data Center Cleaning

    Data Center Thermal Analysis

Low Current solutions

Emanating from our constant aim to leave a durable footprint in security, we provide our clients with reliable, safe and secure solutions that secure their systems against theft, hacking, viruses, spam, intrusion, as well as facilitating the implementation of system changes and upgrades. Chief among them are:


  • Physical Security


    Access Control

    Intrusion Alarm

    Public address & Voice Alarm

  • Audio/ Visual

    Digital Signage

    Music systems

    Video Walls

    SMATV and IPTV

  • Hospitality

    Home Automation

    Integrated Technology Management

    Conferencing systems

Structure Cabling

we design and implement turnkey solutions in structured cabling empowered by the great products from our global leader partners to cater for the individual needs of our clients. Chief among our structured cabling services are:

  • Cabling Infrastructure

    Design, supply & Implementation

    Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, Cat7A, Cat8

    Fiber Optics

  • Communication Cabinets

    DC, Floor-standing, and Wall-mounts

    Cabinets Accessories

  • Trunks & Pipes

    All types of Trunks

    PVC Pipes

    Flexible Pipes