Meet adtech

adtech is a systems integrator and services provider firm which consults & designs, implements & supports, and supplies & outsources 3-tier advanced infrastructure technologies in the fields of routing/switching, wireless, security solutions, unified communication, structured cabling, low current and data center solutions, with Trusted support, Honesty Agility, Expert Delivery to ensure the highest standards of Customer care and satisfaction. All these values are embedded in our Logo. Our name, logo and embedded values are what sets us apart from the competition.
They are the reason behind our enduring success and continued customer trust.

Our Core Values

Our values are incorporated in the way we consult, engineer and deliver solutions, and in the way we communicate, and interact with all stakeholders, namely our customers, partners and with adtech our teams. Our values, stemming from our name, set the standards to which we adhere to, in other words, they define us and the way we work.

  • A.  Stands for  Advanced, Adaptive & Agile

  • D.  Stands for  Delivery, Differentiated & Dependable

  • T.  Stands for  Technology, Trust & Teamwork

  • E.  Stands for  Expertise, Efficient & Enthusiastic

  • C.  Stands for  Committed, Customer & Consultant

  • H.  Stands for  Honesty, High-tech & Harmony

Why adtech?

As the number of devices connected to the web are geometrically growing and expected to reach 75 billion in 2025, most businesses are eager to ride the wave of digitalization. As businesses are more dependent on Information systems, and racing to implement digital transformation, we aim to help them with their transformation through our methodology of adopting, integrating and customizing up-to-date technology to directly address the individual needs and expectations of our clients, in order to provide them with the best possible solutions.

  • Avid support from our clients by ranking adtech as one of the premiere Network solutions providers in the Jordan and the region.
  • Well-earned great reputation, backed-up by a proven track record in excess of 18 years, and a huge customer base in Jordan and the region.
  • Excel and take pride as pioneers in implementing the latest technologies and solutions available.
  • Specialized in providing you with optimized solutions to help you maximize your business' revenue.
Our Promise to You

We promise our customers to work effortlessly on maintaining and nurturing an enduring relationship built on trust, mutual benefit and successful implementations to meet their individuated needs and surpass their expectations. We promise to:

  • Inspire you to create attractive, fruitful and smarter offerings to your clients through streamlining your business processes with our consulting, design and implementations.
  • Support you at every step of the way from design to installation, recommending solutions to your challenges and providing best of class solutions.
  • Ensure that we deliver efficiently and reliably, alongside offering regional expertise and advice that we hope will enhance and enrich your project.
  • Listen to you and deliver the understanding needed to make a difference.
Our Story

Empowered with a Vision pillared on customer support, reliability, creativity and success, translated by a Mission focused on perseverance, agility, teamwork and efficiency, adtech was established in 2004, as a reliable partner to our clients, providing them with the latest available and globally approved technologies, in adherence with global trends and protocols, to enhance their communication, security and internal processes.

Since our inception, we have always been eager and flexible in addressing market specialized needs and this is evident from the growth in the number of our champions to reach 60+ experienced and certified professionals. We aim to address multi sectors with state-of-the-art services including: Design, Supply and Implementation for a variety of internationally renowned software and hardware products, in addition to catered solutions and consultancy to new and existing enterprises.

  • Our Vision

    To set regional standards of professionalism by transforming the stereotypical definition of both an IT company tech company and a network engineer, to a dynamic, open minded, quick-witted team who better responds to client pains and requirement through building long-lasting, educated, consulting-based and trust-based win-win relationships with them, reflected by enduring business success and high-ranking RoIs.

  • Our Mission

    To work closely with you to Take “IT” a step further, by ensuring smooth, efficient, and uninterrupted business operations, through providing our clients with the most reliable, state-of-the-art Hardware
     and Software solutions, backed-up ou well-educated and trained implementation and support champions.


Our Champions are a committed, highly qualified, certified, values-driven and experienced team


Our results-driven Champions are committed to quality, service & excellence


We pride ourselves on being a diverse team of highly qualified people


with wide range of expertise and certificates in last technologies.


we focus on fulfilling our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations